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Re: Re: Re: beet pulp and electrolites

I got into team penning this summer and have seen a few horrifying things
myself.  Most people will offer their horse water but on a few hot days, I
have seen some throw buckets of water over their horses' backs to cool them.
We have tried to encourage people to cool their horses and have tried to set
an example.  We  carry our garden sprayer around and cool our horses necks
and legs as much as possible when it's really hot and humid out.  That has
led to people asking us what the heck we are doing and opens a door for
communication and education.  However, some don't want either.  At least if
THEY ask US, we are not forcing it down their throats.  What I have noticed
being an endurance rider in a group of team penners (though I consider
myself a team penner now also) is that even the horses who do nothing but
team pen sweat buckets everywhere.  Malik barely and rarely sweats at these
events (thanks for endurance conditioning).  I do give some e-lytes only on
severely hot and humid days when we team pen because even though the horse
is only running a minute or two at a time, a team penning event may last
several hours.  (I think I gave them one time this past summer).  Our runs
may be close together or hours apart depending on the division we are
competing in and how many teams are competing.  So, I am very curious as to
what protocol people would suggest for this as far as e-lytes go.  Or any
other suggestions.  I am hoping to mix in an occasional speed show next
summer for fun though I highly suspect I am going to be too busy between the
penning and endurance rides!  BTW, I always try to give plenty of soaked
beet pulp with their cob mix starting a couple of days before any event and
my horses have free choice hay as well.  I KNOW this has worked for me
before an endurance ride.

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