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beet pulp and electrolites

First ? is do I have to soak beet pulp?  Second is a story then ?'s about
electrolites. I have a frien who is on a drill team, she practices every
Wen. night and does the drill over and over each time. When they do a
rodeo they all give there horses electrolites due to the " high stress"
and " hard work" their horses do. When they do these rodeos, they ride one
flag drill and one high speed drill. These horses are used to rodeos,
parades and things like this. The reason I am telling all of this is
because on there last rodeo two weeks ago, one girl killed her horse with
electrolites. She gave it to her just before they started( as did all of
the girls) and the horse dropped in front of the gate, the vets told her
the horse will die just get it out of the way. She did get it home, but it
died comming out of the trailer. I have had a hard time understanding
electrolites. I know some are for the high speed short distance and some
are for long slow distance. I don't think these horses need electrolites
for a 5 to 10 min drill. (both together) If they were trailered a far
distance and mabey new to the excitement MAY BE then. I know there are
alot of you that understand the concept for elecrolites so if you could
please try to enlighten me that would be great. As of now I do 25 or
shorter rides with my 4 1/2 year old morab, I give her plenty of salt and
she drinks really good and eats good. When I (If I ) doing longer distance
I think I will need to know how to use them. Patti

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