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Re: beet pulp and electrolites

"First ? is do I have to soak beet pulp?"

Last year I asked this same question as to whether I had to soak beet pulp.
Susan G. highly recommended soaking it, but said it can be eaten dry.  So I
fed it dry for over a year to two of my horses, and only soaked it for my 34
yo horse.  About two mos ago, my 24 yo mare was eating dry beet pulp mixed
with dry oat hay pellets and she suddenly layed down and got stiff all over.
After a minute or so, she got up and coughed & coughed and green mucous was
running out of her nose.  At first I thought it was colic and prepared to
call the vet, but then I remembered a post from RC where it was referring to
green mucous and "choke."  After a few minutes she was alright, but from
that day on I soak all pellets I feed to my horses.
Perris, CA

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