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Re: RC: Dixie Midnight no-sweat vent pad & Aussie enduro pad

In a message dated 10/10/01 1:19:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< I am looking for feedback, commentaries, opinions, ideas
 etc. from anyone is has used/is using the Dixie Midnight >>

Well, that reminds me I need to get a new one for my new saddle.  I trimmed 
the old one to the old saddle and now it's too small for the SS.   This great 
pad does exactly what "the guy" (Karl) claims.   I love mine.  I had one 
gelding object the first time I put it on him; just didn't seem to like the 
feel.   My other two horses were fine with it.   Not to put in too big a 
pitch for Karl, but I would be careful of cheapie versions of this pad.  The 
Dixie Midnight pad is very soft and smooth, especially when it is warm, but I 
can imagine that something similar could feel harsh to the horse.

pat farmer

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