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Manzanita Ride

This was another awesome "Terry Ride."  (Terry Wooley, that is.)

 Gorgeous weather, "overly" marked trails, incredible awards, professionally
catered dinner, abundant food and drinks for riders and horses all day long,
wonderful volunteers, the Best vets around (after all--Barney was head

My only disappointment was seeing that Barney has cut off his tail.

As for results, I'm sure those will be posted soon by someone much better
with names than I, but briefly, Suzy Kelly won the 50 (for a change!) and
Geesa Brinks was 2nd and got BC for Sparkling Sky.  (I believe this was
Sky's second BC this year; I heard he looked great at the judging--he
certainly looked great leaving me in the dust on the last loop of the ride!)

For any of you who couldn't make it this year, Manzanita should be a Must
Ride for next year's calendar.

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