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RE: RE: Pull codes

Title: RE: Pull codes
I totally agree with you.  I expected a metabolic to show up on my ride record, but it didn't.  But as some people have posted a long while ago, a ride record may be held against a horse that is for sale or at a high level of competition where there is a selection committee.
An RO isn't accurate to assess an overall picture of the horse-rider combo, either.  If a team is continually DNFs for the same problem(s), then either the rider is not being smart in the way they ride the ride, or the horse has a physical problem that hasn't been totally addressed (or both).  This information may not show up with a series of RO's.
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I don't think a "metabolic" pull is anything to be ashamed of, nor would it go against the horse's record.  It just shows a smart rider, not a compromised horse.  Any horse can have a bad day, and a smart rider is one who pulls out before the "bad" becomes "worse."  This has been the jinx against using the REAL reason a horse is pulled.  Riders have been concerned that it would look bad on the horse's record.  RO tells vets nothing, unless it is truly a code referring to the rider, who may be tired, injured or ill.  The reason for pull codes is education, not punishment.  How else can vets learn statistics about horses?  If a given ride has a disproportionate number of L pulls or a disproportionate number of M pulls, then it tells the vets something, or the ride management.  Perhaps the ride is unrealistically difficult, or the terrain is too punishing.
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I got an RO also, for bringing my horse back to the vet after passing the lunch vet check and he wasn’t “quite right”.   I wonder if you took the RO option out of it and a metabolic would go against the horse, that people would continue under these circumstances anyway because they don’t want to have a “metabolic” pull against the horse’s record. 


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