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Re: What constitutes a metabolic pull

If a horse's pulse does not recover w/in 1/2 hour, that would be cause for
DQ based on metabolic factors.  I'm no vet, but if my horse's pulse did not
recover to criteria w/in 1/2 hour, or even much less, I would pull him
myself.  When the pulse does not recover normally, there is something going
on that I don't want to discover the hard way.  I pulled my horse one time
because he had a faraway look in his eyes that didn't look just right to me.
That, coupled with the fact that he wasn't interested in carrots.  You have
to be able to read your own horse.


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> Kim
> Is there anyone on this list that can explain exactly what constitutes a
> metabolic pull.  I realize that tying up and colic are metabolic pulls.
> But what about if a horse doesn't recover w/in the 1/2hr criteria during a
> vet check. Is that considered to be a metabolic pull, even if all the
> other parameters hydration,cap refill,gut sounds,MM, and soundness the
> horse gets A's and B's on.
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