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Re: Re: The 'silly arab'

The best bonus of owning and riding an Arab is the enthusiasm they give to a ride....they tend to be more eager to go forward; the stamina.....lack of fatigue; the intelligence....on the rare occasions our Arabs have been caught in some life threatening predicament, they have kept their cool, refused to struggle, and waited until we got them out of it; and their curiosity....they make superior "watch horses"....ears forward, all watchful, of anything from a passing coyote to a horse on a nearby trail which is out of sight but not out of their range of awareness.  Pretty is merely an extra bonus.
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From: susan
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Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 8:59 AM
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"Your right this will take some getting used
do you Arab owners see around that head that is
displayed so proudly high in the sky???? "
SEE AROUND IT?? What else is there to look at besides that beautiful classic head???? Isnt that the best bonus of owning an ARAB - the fact they are soooo pretty to look at!
Susan and Cheyenne (who is a gorgeous PAINT) and TIGGER (bratty red headed arab filly in training)
Oh - on another breed related post -- my PAINT spooks way more than my ARAB--

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