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RE: Re: The 'silly arab'

Sit up real straight? Or also get some mileage on them and introduce them to every possible new thing so they relax a bit. My Arabs are outspooked by a mile by my friend's Dutch Warmblood. Last time he put on a performance, she was almost ready to collapse from the strain of staying on  for a rear, down, 360, rear, down 360 in the other direction and capriole...a VERY good rider needless to say...Babs burst into laughter at the sight of my Arab mare and me with both our mouths wide open in amazement, just standing there watching. Never seen anything like it in my life and I hope never to ride one.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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"Your right this will take some getting used
do you Arab owners see around that head that is
displayed so proudly high in the sky???? "
SEE AROUND IT?? What else is there to look at besides that beautiful classic head???? Isnt that the best bonus of owning an ARAB - the fact they are soooo pretty to look at!
Susan and Cheyenne (who is a gorgeous PAINT) and TIGGER (bratty red headed arab filly in training)
Oh - on another breed related post -- my PAINT spooks way more than my ARAB--

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