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Anthrax/Jeans whilst riding

Hi do horses get anthrax, or just us? And cattle. Some gentleman in Florida has Anthrax now, and he traveled around a lot. I wonder if it is transmissible by air--as in if one person coughs, can another person get it. Or is it transmissible by contact only. I wonder if you could get it from steer manure if you were gardening, as this guy does.  If it is transmissible via pasture.  I wonder if horses could get it from steer manure too. This was in Lantana Florida (Lock up your cows Howard!)   here is the link if anyone is interested in this bit of news.     
     I remember someone asking about riding jeans. I don't like to ride for any length of time in jeans due to that seam problem....but I have a couple pairs of jeans with lycra, that are great for riding.  I got a uniform catalogue that now has Jean scrubpants, which are somewhat baggy with a stretch waist and that may be comfy for riding as well! Here is that link if that person is still out there looking for denims.      Have a good day all, Beth

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