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New Yahoo Group

Karen Standefer
There is a new Yahoo group specifically for Barefoot Endurance riders and
wannabes.  There will be a place to post pics for either help or brags, a
calendar to list the rides you're going to, a file area to trade longer
documented information.  And, of course, general discussions.

What won't be accepted are attached documents (sorry, too big a threat of
virus), flames or naysayers to the barefoot idea.  The list will be mainly
composed of people actively practicing Dr. H. Strasser methods of trimming
and horse management.   Hopefully, we'll have a tracking system for ride
results in the near future with the goal to be a compilation of
accomplishments for our barefoot horses.  This would give us a centralized
place for ride statistics.

The list is non-moderated but requires membership.

The goal for the list is to be able to share information freely without

Come join in if this suits your fancy!

    Check it Out!    

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