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Re: FHA clinic/saddle

What kind of saddle were you using before?  And how is your mares back
shaped? and how old is she?  Just curioius, as for saddle fitting.  Also, as
she gets into better shape mileage wise, wil your new saddle accomodate?
I am in the market for another saddle but horses are young so I have time.
I ride 15 yr old DeeDee, Great back!:) with a Sharon Sarre 15CC.  It is an
older basket weave western endurance saddle and a bit heavy.  It will
probably fit my new youngsters ok but I will be looking for a lighter one.
Good Riding!
Beth Gunn
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Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 7:39 PM
Subject: RC: FHA clinic

> I attended the ride portion of the Florida Horseman's Association CTR
> clinic this past weekend. I had a really great time, came in last (Well,
> I would have if I hadn't missed that last turn and shaved off two miles
> of the ride.) LOL and just really enjoyed myself and my mare.
>  I met Karen Jones who helped me a LOT. She gave me a lot of information
> and help with training for endurance. It was comforting to know that I
> was not really pushing Arabi during training and I can push her a little
> harder. I also met Ken Anderson again. Ken showed me where my saddle
> didn't fit my mare properly and how that can lead to a sore back and
> other problems. As a result, I got my Abetta on Tuesday. It fits her real
> nice. I love how it rides as well.
>  I had thought Arabi would be a little tired after her long ride on
> Sunday. We took our time trailering home. Since she came off the ride,
> went through all the vet checks okay and was standing in the trailer for
> a while, I thought it would be good to lounge her and make sure she
> wasn't sore or limping. Well, she came out and seemed to be limping at
> the trot intermittently. I examined her and found two sores on the back
> of her heels, either from overreaching, or from being trailered. My
> farrier was out Tuesday, and looked. She had no idea which would be the
> case either. I had some spray for sheep, cattle and horses the vet gave
> me when my ram cut himself open. I sprayed that on her and she healed up
> fine.
>  I decided to give her two days off allowing me to get my saddle and her
> foot to heal. It worked great! She had so much energy yesterday on our
> ride we rode at mostly a trot and canter for the whole hour and a half we
> were riding! WOW!
>  I grew up riding a standardbred pony who could pace as fast as a 16 h
> horse could gallop. I had never cantered much before. I must say I LOVE
> IT! :0) I trust my mare. She is not a spooky horse by nature and I feel
> very comfortable on her. I do have to watch for a sudden turn to the left
> which she has decided to try, but so far she has not succeeded in
> unseating me. That is not her goal and I think this is why I can ride
> through it. :0) She just pulls that trying to turn for home.
>  Well, as a result of the ride clinic 10miler, and the resulting
> consultation with Karen, I am putting working miles on my mare. I am
> having a blast, and realize why everyone says endurance is contagious! I
> look forward to my first real endurance race at FOF here in Florida.
>  I hope to meet all of you on the trails someday!
> In His Hands,
> Lisa P.
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