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Re: Mike LaGrone Clinic


Try out his website:  

You might find the info you seek there.  Don't know much about him 
personally, nor of his methods, but I had the website bookmarked 
after someone had sent it to me.  Also compare it with any info on 
either:  or, 

This way you can get a good overview as to the different types of 
methods that are in current practice, and you can better determine 
what makes the best sense for you and your horse.  A little learning 
goes a long way!   Might not be a bad idea to try to make it if it's 
not too far out of your way, just so that you can get some good 
first-hand info that you could share with us later!  

Best of luck to you,

Tracey Ritter
Portland, OR

Tracey Ritter, on 10/04/2001

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