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Re: bumper pull trailers??

Quite happy with my 18 ft. aluminum bumper pull stock trailer....big tack
room, and hauls 5 horses-camper on the truck.

I could not decide to go that route, or get gooseneck with living
quarters-but a gooseneck with living quarters, even small ones, and room for
5 horses and mid tack would hvae been glad I did not do that.
I am quite happy with hte camper/bumperpull and we use the camper for
non-horse trips.  A few problems with needing to extend the hitch becusae of
the camper...had to go to Reese Titan hitch, whihc is ONLY hitch that is
rated for an 2-3 ft. extension and be safe, and still have air bags on
truck, and weight distributing hitch...but entire set up now is very safe,
and extremely stable with the one ton dually sway ever, and not
too hard to manuver or back.

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Subject: RC: bumper pull trailers??

> I was just wondering... It seems like most people
> here have gooseneck trailers... We're hopefully
> getting a trailer soon, and were just going to
> get a bumperpull since that's the kind of hitch
> most trucks have. Our truck now is almost dead
> :(, so we'll be getting a truck first, then the
> trailer. We'll mostly use the trailer for 2hours
> or so and under trips. What's better? Goosenecks
> seem to be more expensive.. we're looking for a
> stock type since that's what our horses seem to
> like best. Oh, we would probably only be pulling
> two horses at a time, maybe 3 once in a while.
> Thanks. -Kelly
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