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Re: bumper pull trailers??

We've pulled both.  They both work and are safe if properly set up and
With all:

1. Grease wheel bearings every other year without fail.  My new used trailer
came with one of 4 wheels ready to die in  a few miles and another in bad
2. Keep the brakes working properly.  Yes, electrical connections are a pain
to keep right and do corrode, but brakes are very important.
3. Make sure that the total weight is less than the vehicle manufacturers
recommendations.  Don't trust a salesman, an RV dealer, or a trailer dealer.
Check with the manufacturer.  If the manufacturer says it will pull your
trailer it will safely.

3. Bring jack, lug wrench and spare for both truck and trailer.  If you do
not usually change tires yourself, have someone teach you.  Even though help
is usually available, there may come a time when no help can be summoned.

Tag along trailers:
1.  Use a frame mounted hitch, not a bumper.  If the trailer is over 5000
lbs. loaded, use a weight distributing hitch.
2. They are less expensive, and can be pulled by SUV's ,

Goose neck:

1. Make sure you have enough clearance to the cab.  If you have a short box,
there are 5th wheel hitches (goose necks can be changed to 5th wheel) that
automatically move the hitch point back on sharp turns.

2. They are noticeably easier to pull, and my horses seem to ride quieter.
I think that there is less forth and back movement.

3. While easier to back, they do cut corners so you must make wide turns.

Ed and Wendy Hauser
1140 37th St.
Hudson, WI 54016

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