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Sore in Fla

Thanks to all the ridecampers who responded to my earlier post about sore ankles.I ordered a pair of stirrup turners,which I think will help.My horse has a HUGE extended trot,which also contributes to the problem.For the many people who want to know which team we were-I was the large very flea-bitten Arab w/lots of green accent tack-w/friend on gorgeous show chestnut Arab.We went towards the end and my horse walked over the starting line-very amusing considering his normal race mentality.I actually thought I saw him yawn!
For those of you who have an opportunity to ride at the Greenway in Ocala-do it!There is a private barn called the Foxtrotter that will board for 25$ per day,if you are not into camping.The land bridge that goes over 75 is well-constructed,your horse has no idea he's going over the interstate!
Happy trails!
Alicia and Viktor

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