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Re: RC: RE: Dr. Cooks Letter

Hello Antonio,

Wednesday, October 03, 2001, 3:51:33 PM, you wrote:

CA> Kat,
CA> Your post is right on.  It is full of common sense.  We have tried to keep
CA> our horses in the most natural environment that we can, i.e. pasture.  We
CA> are very fortunate to be able to do so here in Northern Calif. You are
CA> correct in some areas pasture is not an option. Even those horses kept in
CA> pasture are used for many "unnatural" activities, like endurance riding,
CA> therefore you will probably need to put shoes on them.     
CA> In any case, this thread has amused me to no end.  Now I learn that removing
CA> my horses shoes will keep flies off of them.  Hmmm...  The possibilities are
CA> endless.  I wonder if removing shoes keeps worms away as well? Some of the
CA> stories have been a good source of fun.
CA> Tony Corbelletta 

Maybe fun for you but not for the poor lady who made the originial
observation that she was just sharing for the list. Some of you guys
remind me of a bunch of school children making fun of the one kid who
was proud of his new shoes, but because the shoes were different, you made
that child the subject of all of your jokes.

I have always hated it when kids do that.
Best regards,

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