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Re: What constitutes a metabolic pull

if a horse doesn't recover in the 1/2 hour criteria then he is metabolically
compromised ..definition of metabolism...the sum of all the chemicals and
physical changes that take place within the body and enable its continued
growth and functioning.

I've often wondered why it is that at the end of a ride the horse has 60
minutes to reach criteria...whereas the rest of the ride he get 30
minutes....If 30 minutes is considered a critical parameter during the
ride...Isn't it just as critical at the end of a ride???  If my horses pulse
wasn't down in 30 minutes at the end of a ride...I would assume something
was wrong...Obviously not "fit to continue". Anyone know why the

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> Kim
> Is there anyone on this list that can explain exactly what constitutes a
> metabolic pull.  I realize that tying up and colic are metabolic pulls.
> But what about if a horse doesn't recover w/in the 1/2hr criteria during a
> vet check. Is that considered to be a metabolic pull, even if all the
> other parameters hydration,cap refill,gut sounds,MM, and soundness the
> horse gets A's and B's on.
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