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Re: Re: Re: Spooking / Vision Problems

entirely possible that there are physical problems,  but with the small
number of foals I have raised, I have definitely seen mental and emotional
characteristics in families.

I have a 2yo filly that will target and display *toward* a  'potentially
dangerous' object.  This isn't so much a result of my training as it is her
nature. From the minute she was born, she has looked forward to meeting
people and doing things.  She is the daughter of my Alpha mare, and her
little brother is the same way.  My 5yo(human) son was grooming a yearling
filly last week, when I saw him, he was *leaping* into the air, from a
stool, and spritzing showsheen on her mane at the height of his leap.... she
was unsure what, exactly, he was doing.... but didn't budge an inch. Her dam
doesn't have that gentle of a nature, but her sire did, so I don't consider
it was learned.  These are just a few examples, but the less related foals I
raised had a different type of character base.

Vision problems, hearing and all would, of course, could be genetic, and the
training, and current rider will make a huge difference, but what I am
seeing with my foals is a difference in character and attitude from the time
they are born.

Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas

----- Original Message ----- > <<  I've been told that certain
>  bloodlines, both Arab and QH, are more likely to spook than others.  An
>  interesting concept. >>
>     I have always believed that not enough research has been done into
> vision problems, particularly Nearsightedness

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