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Re: garlic "re-visited"!

Right, I think the article spoke of 5 pounds of wild onion.  But I have seen some bahai grass/hay fields here literally full of the wild onion grass... maybe not very well maintained pasture for the horses...
Beth Gunn
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From: Susan Garlinghouse
To: Beth Gunn ;
Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 6:38 PM
Subject: Re: garlic "re-visited"!

>ps...subject pertains to onion tops, not root...Are roots bad >too?!  And why are humans not affected when eating >chives and other members of the onion family??
>And why would we "supplement" with potentially toxic >stuffs???
Humans would get the same Heinz bodies (if memory serves) if they ate enough.
As for supplementing with potential toxins---well, the only difference between a "supplement" and "toxin" is dose.  Virtually every nutrient will cause detrimental effects if overdone, which of course is the primary argument against buying more and more buckets---the end result is usually an overall decrease in health rather than an increase. :-)
Susan G

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