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garlic "re-visited"!

Hi Guys,
I know, we have probably beat this one to death...however, while surfing EquiSearch for info on toxic plants in my soon-to-be-pasture, saw this one.  "The Great Garlic Debate" Karen Hayes, DVM.  Ya'll don't know me that well ...yet!  But I can be sorta obssesive when it comes to researching subjects related to my equine friends!
This info Susan G. :)) already shared with us (thank you!).  Being an anatomy/medical enthusiast, article added a bit more info.  Explains the Heinz "bubble" that Susan touched on and I had nooooo idea what that was and didn't want to ask!  Good stuff out there for the "self-educatin' folks" like me:))
Beth Gunn
ps...subject pertains to onion tops, not root...Are roots bad too?!  And why are humans not affected when eating chives and other members of the onion family??
And why would we "supplement" with potentially toxic stuffs???

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