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I personally think if it works for you and your
horse, go for it. As long as you're doing it
right anyways. What bothers me is seeing horses
just automatically have shoes put on when they're
not needed. I think if any horses need shoes it'd
be all of yours that ride hundreds of miles (not
saying I'm for or against endurance horses with
or without shoes). There are so many horses at
the barn I keep my horses at that maybe get
ridden every other week...maybe..usually once a
month, and they have shoes on all 4 feet. So, the
wearing down thing isnt a problem here, and for
most it's not genetics either. People jsut seem
to think they need them. Our horses are barefoot,
and we usually ride about 3 times a week. Some of
the people out there look at us like we're
torturing them because they have barefeet
..jeeze... I would have shoes put on if they
needed them. It's not a money issue...some people
are stuck in the past. Well, jsut thought I'd
make my little comment. I've enjoyed reading
everyone's opinions, I'm really learning a lot
from y'all. -Kelly

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