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Re: Thannk You Susan

  I hope you will not be discouraged by the
> negative posts you have received.
> Best Regards, and prayers for the safe and speedy return of your husband.
> am also grateful for his willingness to defend our country.

Thanks for the nice posts (from others as well).  I'm not worried about
getting a few negative posts.  Everyone has a right to an opinion, the nice
people outnumber the not-so-nice 100 to 1,  and my delete button is fully
functional. :-)))

Thanks also for the good wishes for David.  He had a 72 hour pass to come
home briefly this weekend and left this morning for who knows how long (he's
a warfare operations logistics officer, so heading off to places without
phones, email or post offices) and while I'm proud of him for doing what I
know is a very important job, I'm begrudging every minute away from him.  So
the good thoughts are greatly appreciated from everyone.

Susan G

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