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Re: RC: Re: Trot/Canter

You might remember me as the one with the two mares asking which one was
best suited for serious campaigning.
My best mare has a very hard trot to ride. Even posting it hurts my back and
just throws me all over. She possesses the most awesome canter around,
though. I think I'd be stupid not to take advantage of that. She likes that
gait best as well. She has a great free strided walk as well, so we do all
three gaits with alot  at walk and canter and some at trot. Why make the
both of us miserable?
The other mare has a trot that glides. Seriously so comfy that even fully
extended people behind me exclaim-your head doesn't even bob! Just as comfy
and even as can be. She strolls at the walk and is heavy at the canter. We
trot most everywhere.
Why not take advantage of what is great for you and the horse? Who cares
what people do or say. I do what makes us happy. I ride for me, not others.
I ride for my horses and what makes us all happy and content. That is why I
ride long hours on the trail. It puts a grin on all our faces!

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