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Re: Trot/Canter

I have one horse who moves more efficiently (as in lower heart rate) at an extended trot and another who moves more efficiently at an easy lope or canter.  I think it is an individual thing.  I have loped (what I consider to be a ground eating, easy rolling canter) most of 25 miles.  What I like are the trails that change terrain a lot....up and down hills, sand, two track, whatever as long as we are never doing any one thing for what seems like forever.  I know not all rides offer this so that's why I choose the rides that do.  Of course, in order to find out what the trail is like, ya gotta ride it first!  :)  Some of the trails that I was told are the most difficult, I feel are the easiest for the fact that they make the horse change what he's doing regularly enough that he never gets overtired at one end or another!  :)  Doesn't mean he doesn't get tired but seems to handle it better overall.

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