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Re: RC: RE: Trot/Canter

If that's the case then the heart rate would not change independent of cantering up hill, down hill, in deep sand or on firm footing. My horse's heart rate at a canter is different in all these conditions and in fact it goes up when I canter up hill, goes down when I canter down hill, goes up when I hit deep sand and goes down when I hit good firm clay footing it goes down.


Bob Morris wrote:

 Please investigate the reason that the heart rate is lower at a canter than at a trot. At some gaits such as the canter the heart is synchronized with the stride. The gut moves slightly forward on the exhale and back on the inhale and the heart syncs with this motion. The cause is the gut pressing against the diaphragm and then moving away relieving the pressure. When the motion ceases such as at a walk then the heart normalizes.Get a good text on equine biomechanics for a full explanation.Bob Morris

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