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Re: Re: Re: confused about worming schedule

> Susan,
> If the recommendation is once or twice I may just opt for once.  Cheaper
and the
> worming program is decent where he is.  I definitely see a difference this
> so will plan on doing it again each Spring.  Can't hurt!  Thanks.
> Mickie

I should have included that the deciding factor in whether you do it once or
twice should be based on your individual circumstances.  If the horses don't
get much access to fresh grass, or something like that, I think once is
plenty.  If the horse is turned out onto lush, green pasture with a dozen
other horses that may or may not get wormed at all (in other words, the
likelihood of immediate reinfection is quite high), then I would do it twice
a year.

As with all things involving horses, there is no one right answer or
solution, nor is there ever a simple answer like "do it every other Saturday
when the moon is full".

susan g

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