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Re: confused about worming schedule

> The panacur purge: it's five days of double dose per horse, right?


>   What time of year is it needed?

Best recommendations are in the fall after the weather has started to cool,
and again in the early spring when new growth is coming up---the exact dates
would depend on what part of the country you live in, and frankly, the
*exact* date isn't critical.  Just fall and spring.  This was from a
conversation with the boarded parasitologist at Colorado State.

 Didn't Susan recommend a cheaper
>  way of doing this?  I remember that I couldn't find what she
>  recommended at out local feed stores, but I would like to look
>  again if someone would remind me what was suggested.

You can get panacur suspension (liquid) at feed stores or vet supply houses
that carry cattle supplies.  The label has directions for the right dose for
horses.  I don't remember that exact price breakdown, but it was something
like $90 to do a five day purge on five horses, *much* cheaper than the
paste tubes.

.  I worm with Ivermectin every two
>  months except for the "Panacur Purge" once in the winter...Is
>  that right?  Does that kill all the little wormy thingies? O&P?

That sounds pretty good to me.  I do ivermectin every two months, plus
panacur twice a year.

Susan G

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