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Re: Re Terrorist--Maryanne's post

Thank you.  I was going to write to thank Maryanne and commend her for her
courageous post but you beat me to it.  How lucky we are to have someone
like her on this list to give us a perspective we are unlikely to get from
the media.  Maybe we should be looking at ourselves as a nation and
asking--why do these people hate us so that they would be happy at our

And thank you also for your wonderful quote from Ghandi.  That is the way we
should all be thinking now, more than ever.

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Subject: RC: Re Terrorist--Maryanne's post

> MaryAnne made a probably unpopular but very valid  (and IMO
> You're talking about people who have been getting killed and having their
> homes and livelihoods destroyed for *years* now, while to their eyes, the
> US not only didn't help, but sent aid to their oppressors. A certain
> of "Now *you* know how it feels" is understandable.
> I have a friend (American) who visited the West Bank several years ago,
> later told me he'd never been so scared in his life as he was walking past
> the Israeli army security lines. And he's a military vet.
> I just hope the folks in charge here don't confuse justice with
> As Ghandi said, "an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."
>                                 --CMNewell
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