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Re: Re: RE: A Sad State of Affairs

Re: stuff stolen at rides:

Here is a thought formulated after several trips this summer to San
Francisco Bay area and one to Southern Calif.....
11 years ago I moved our family from Bay area, 3 hours, to the quieter
communities of Lake County.  My husband, bless his heart, is still willing
to commute down to his job at Stanford, every week, in order to accomodate
this lifestyle. It has allowed me to have the property to indulge my horse
addiction, and I believe, has been a great place to raise the kids.

It's still a pretty slow pace of life, people drive slower, kids can bike to
school (3 miles) and I generally leave the front door unlocked.  But, in
leaving the area this summer, and going through urban areas, I have been
bombarded with nasty drivers, rude people, and the feeling that I better
watch my possessions, AND my back!  There are some pretty stressed, rude,
and downright dangerous people out there!

BUT, here comes my point.....what I have found on this newsgroup and other
endurance related groups-is that the people that post, and are involved in
this sport, are for the greater part, caring, sane and sharing!  The ones I
have met over the past 10 years are wonderful people, and some have become,
I hope, lifelong friends.  "We" are a great group of people!


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