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Re: Another way of looking at it

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From: beth glover
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2001 8:16 AM
Subject: RC: Another way of looking at it

Hi Ridecampers. A friend at work just gave me Horse and Rider Magazine from July. It was interesting reading compared with the things we talk about on Ridecamp. I'll just give you a few ideas why, I was chuckling.(okay, maybe being a little catty, but having been slammed for owning Arabs may times, a person gets that way)
     Then there was a six page article on the Chief Joseph Ride, which is in the most gorgeous country,  and I'd love to do it. Problem is, they go 100 miles in one week, and they'd run me out of camp with my Arab .
*Beth, they would also run you out of camp for not having an of requirements of ride is that horse has to be regsitered Appy, or at least, have spots.
Big western saddles, Big saddlebags, sitting heavy in the saddle, wearing chaps
*Yep, these people have no clue.  I'm still hearing local stories this summer from folks who just killed their horses backs-taking unconditioned horses, big, heavy Western saddles that DON'T fit, and trying to ride to the beach and back at Pt. Reyes....
    Okay, my question is this. Why aren't rides like the XP in every horse magazine? So incredible an athletic feat, we don't even hardly think about it on RC. 
*I think that magazine appeals to the average horse owner.  Scary.
     yours, Beth Glover

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