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Re: CA horses etc.

Yes, I've been to the Fairgrounds after Tevis many times and the horses are 
definately tired.  Esp. the ones that took the full 24 hours to come in, not 
sleeping and working that long takes its toll.  It is sort of like when I'm 
working Mystery up a hill and he sweats and hikers say 'geeeezzz...that poor 
horse is sweating!', ..sure...wouldn't you if you just lugged my fat arse up 
this hill!  Now, go back and see those horses 24 hours later then judge.

I'm glad you had a good time in CA.  Oh, the earthquakes are bigger too!
Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab..."nope...I don't do Tevis")
Kimberly M. Price

>From: "jsalas" <>
>To: "ridecamp" <>, <>
>Subject: CA horses etc.
>Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 08:54:07 -0400
>Kimberly, it is so funny that you mention the huge seagulls. After the ride 
>we drove down to Pismo Beach. My kids couldn't get over the size of the 
>seagulls. They were as big as our pelicans!! Then we drove to Arroyo Grande 
>and visited Desperado V at the Varian Arabians. The staff there are so 
>friendly. Allison and Even couldn't get over seeing our boy's "dad". Now, 
>Sheila has some beautiful and functional horses. Back to the Sunday after 
>Tevis, the horses in the stalls not only drooped their lips, but their 
>eyelids, ears and anything else that would hang. I know a lot of horses 
>droop their lips, I have one also. But there was a big difference in this 
>"dead droop". The only other time I saw a horse that tired was after a 3 
>day trail clinic with Chris Cox. One guy brought a very young 2 year old 
>Paso Fino. We rode for about 4 hours the 1st day. After the second day and 
>another 4 hour ride, that poor horse laid down in his stall and groaned 
>every time he had to move. He was sore!! This little horses was maybe 14 
>hands and the rider was a man about 6'4", although very lean. Believe me 
>everyone, you have not seen tired horses until you walk the barns after the 
>Tevis. They don't move, they don't blink and they barely breath. Go out and 
>run about 75 miles in the hills and you will know exactly how they feel. 
>The stall floors left a lot to be desired as well. Very hard, with huge 
>rocks. People put shavings and straw in the stalls, but after a ride like 
>that, the horses need quilt top mattresses. That is another thing to 
>consider about this ride. Is my horse really up for this and do I really 
>want to put him through it? Some people had thier horses in the parking 
>lot. No place to lay down. The kids and I walked the last mile or so of the 
>trail just before dark. It looked tough in the daylight and I believe it 
>was an easier part of the trail. Yeah, as tough as it all sounds, I wanna 
>try! God Bless all the horses who gave it thier best shot. What they do for 
>us, huh? Lisa Salas, The Odd fArm we b odd

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