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Re: Re: CA horses etc.

Many times I have been told, "Look how your horse is sweating.  Gee, he must
be tired."  I try to explain patiently that there is little connection
between sweating and fatigue.  And that the really scary situation is when
your horse is working hard and he DOESN'T sweat.


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> Yes, I've been to the Fairgrounds after Tevis many times and the horses
> definately tired.  Esp. the ones that took the full 24 hours to come in,
> sleeping and working that long takes its toll.  It is sort of like when
> working Mystery up a hill and he sweats and hikers say 'geeeezzz...that
> horse is sweating!', ..sure...wouldn't you if you just lugged my fat arse
> this hill!  Now, go back and see those horses 24 hours later then judge.
> I'm glad you had a good time in CA.  Oh, the earthquakes are bigger too!
> Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab..."nope...I don't do Tevis")
> Kimberly M. Price
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> >Subject: CA horses etc.
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> >Kimberly, it is so funny that you mention the huge seagulls. After the
> >we drove down to Pismo Beach. My kids couldn't get over the size of the
> >seagulls. They were as big as our pelicans!! Then we drove to Arroyo
> >and visited Desperado V at the Varian Arabians. The staff there are so
> >friendly. Allison and Even couldn't get over seeing our boy's "dad". Now,
> >Sheila has some beautiful and functional horses. Back to the Sunday after
> >Tevis, the horses in the stalls not only drooped their lips, but their
> >eyelids, ears and anything else that would hang. I know a lot of horses
> >droop their lips, I have one also. But there was a big difference in this

> >"dead droop". The only other time I saw a horse that tired was after a 3
> >day trail clinic with Chris Cox. One guy brought a very young 2 year old
> >Paso Fino. We rode for about 4 hours the 1st day. After the second day
> >another 4 hour ride, that poor horse laid down in his stall and groaned
> >every time he had to move. He was sore!! This little horses was maybe 14
> >hands and the rider was a man about 6'4", although very lean. Believe me
> >everyone, you have not seen tired horses until you walk the barns after
> >Tevis. They don't move, they don't blink and they barely breath. Go out
> >run about 75 miles in the hills and you will know exactly how they feel.
> >The stall floors left a lot to be desired as well. Very hard, with huge
> >rocks. People put shavings and straw in the stalls, but after a ride like
> >that, the horses need quilt top mattresses. That is another thing to
> >consider about this ride. Is my horse really up for this and do I really
> >want to put him through it? Some people had thier horses in the parking
> >lot. No place to lay down. The kids and I walked the last mile or so of
> >trail just before dark. It looked tough in the daylight and I believe it
> >was an easier part of the trail. Yeah, as tough as it all sounds, I wanna
> >try! God Bless all the horses who gave it thier best shot. What they do
> >us, huh? Lisa Salas, The Odd fArm we b odd
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