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When an adult needs help training their horse they hire a tranier and
thetrainer rides that horse to train it. My daughter has an 11 1/2 hand
pony and she has broke him somewhat. He is so great on the trail and even
parades. She needs too learn how to train him to neck rein and give to
pressure from her legs. I have tried to hepl her do this and am finding it
very hard for her to do this. She wants to ride him in drill team and
needs to neck rein also how should she teach him to GO when she needs him
to and slow down. I tink training kids on a pony that you can't ride
yourself is HARD and I am looking for some advice. Also has anyone ever
seen a pony this size on a 25 mile ride. I am sure he can do it I just
wonder sometimes because he won't sweat the way he should. I know some
ponys are not drill team material and if it turns out he won't make it
fime, she still needs to figure out how to teach him these things.Patti

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