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RE: A Sad State of Affairs

My father was pulled this year at Tevis and was trailered to the
fairgrounds.  After putting his horse away, he hung his saddle on the corral
and then walked to the finish to find his crew.  When we returned to load up
the tack the saddle was gone.  We looked around and but couldn't find it.
We had it announced at the banquet but nothing turned up.  The days of going
to an endurance ride and leaving your trailer unlocked with the keys in the
ignition are over.

I hope they like the new saddle.

Garrett Ford

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A strange thing happened to us at Tevis as well.  On Sunday after the ride
took our horses for a walk, locked them both up in the paddock, and hung the
halters and lead ropes on the gate next to their blankets.  When we returned
load them up after the awards, one of the lead ropes was missing.  A stolen
rope is not much (and I never liked it that much to begin with) compared to
saddle, helmet or stirrups but I still can't imagine anyone doing something


Joan Dowis wrote:

> Hi, folks --
> The post about the saddle missing at Foresthill on Tevis reminded me about
> something that happened at Robie Park this year.
> What has happened to honesty and integrity in endurance riding?
> Joan Dowis
> Tevis Board Member

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