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Re: RC: A Sad State of Affairs

Add one brand new (although not expensive) rubber feed tub that disappeared from
our well-defined crewing area at Robinson Flat while we were at the in-timer
waiting for our rider.

Forewarned is forearmed.  I'm not going to leave anything in ridecamp unattended
again.  Highly visible and permanent IDs of some sort should strongly discourage
a would-be thief.

Ride management can't help--how are they to know who belongs to what?


Joan Dowis wrote:

> Hi, folks --
> The post about the saddle missing at Foresthill on Tevis reminded me about
> something that happened at Robie Park this year.  At the vet-in, each rider
> must weigh in with tack.  Although Tevis is currently not requiring a
> minimum riding weight for the Tevis Cup and Haggin Cup winners and top ten,
> we still are accumulating weight statistics and verifying fw, lw, etc.
> There is a large tarp on the ground for riders to put down their tack while
> vetting the horses.  One of our Tevis board members who was riding the ride
> put his tack and his brand new (as in never worn) helmet on the tarp.  When
> he returned, the helmet was gone.  Later in the afternoon, a broken and
> dirty helmet was found sitting on the tarp.
> I was just in the Tevis office yesterday and looked in the "lost and found"
> bin; there was no saddle, nor was there a brand new helmet, although the old
> used broken helmet was there.
> I have been involved in endurance since 1978.  Until recently, never have I
> ever known problems at ridecamps with stealing things nor worried about
> locking things up in camp when leaving on an endurance ride.  I do recall in
> the last couple of years, also at Foresthill, where someone swiped a brand
> new horse blanket which had been left on the ground at a crew spot just a
> couple of minutes before.  This may be a problem due to the fact that this
> vet stop is right on the main road through Foresthill, and accessible to
> anyone, but the helmet incident at Robie Park is a horse of a different
> color.
> What has happened to honesty and integrity in endurance riding?  And I'm not
> talking about cheating on the trail.  That's a whole different subject.
> Joan Dowis
> Tevis Board Member
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