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Fwd: RC: Re: Tevis trip

Hi Lisa: That was page one. Loved it. When do we get page two? I know you 
have more to tell us Please. Bye Hope

>From: "jsalas" <>
>To: "ridecamp" <>, "Howard Bramhall" <>
>Subject: RC:  Re: Tevis trip
>Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 14:38:25 -0400
>That wasn't suppose to go out yet! How did that happen?? I have much more 
>to tell. First of all, the ride to base camp from Truckee (a very quaint 
>little town) scared the crap out of me. I really, really hate driving in 
>the mountains. Why, oh why are the roads so grooved you can't hardly change 
>lanes, there are signs warning of falling rocks and run away trucks and yet 
>the speed limit is 70? By the time we reached base camp, my brakes were a 
>burnin'! It was Friday afternoon and the atmosphere was blazing. We bought 
>our T-shirts and rope halters and then watched the vet check area. 
>California horses look way different than mine. The horses we saw were 
>suppose to be pure Arabs but they were big. Big heads, big bodies,and the 
>feet! I have never seen hoof walls of that substance. The feet I liked, but 
>not the "bigness" of the rest of the horses. I like pretty, or at least 
>handsome horses if they are going to be Arabs. I am sure there were some 
>pretty horses there, we just didn't get to see them all. Howard, I don't 
>know why but your gal Val didn't start. She was there at the base camp but 
>not on the starting line up. One guy brought two horses. At the vet-in one 
>was lame and the other sound. He was prepared. They had good food and music 
>Friday night. I don't know the vet (meaning I have never been to a ride 
>where he was) but I liked his message. He said he would like to see a 
>finish of 60% or more. He felt that the main reason horses were pulled at 
>the first vet check was because the riders were so excited they may end up 
>pushing the horses more than they should. He asked the riders to just take 
>it easy, keep a steady pace and try to be in good condition in the first 
>vet hold. I think that was at 36 miles. There were 2 fly bys before that. I 
>think. Now that I have checked the results, I don't understand why only 91 
>riders finished. The weather was perfect. Also of interesting note to me 
>was the fact that 90% or so of the horses entered were from California. So 
>if these horses with their bigness are born, raised and trained there, why 
>can't they finish? I don't know. That is just an observation. I would like 
>to know the comparisons of the mountain rides vs. flat but hot and humid 
>rides. What has the higher finishing percent? The mountains are tough, no 
>doubt about that. Arabs were bred to go across flat, sandy terrain. Does 
>that have something to do with it? I don't knowl.  We did see a lot of cut 
>up legs on horses that were pulled. I talked to one man who was pulled at 
>50 miles or so. While we talked, he groomed his horse with a metal shedding 
>curry comb thing. That poor horse was tired and sore and this man was 
>scrubbing his horse so hard the horse flinched, pinned his ears and pulled 
>away every time the comb came near his body. Why do people do things like 
>that?? What a moron. Anyway, we saw Marcia Smith come in. This finish line 
>is in an arena and about 9:30 the crowds came in. It was great to see so 
>many people come to watch this. This is the first race (yes, it is a race)I 
>have ever been to where there were spectators. Sunday we walked the barns 
>and there were some dead tired horses. Couldn't even hold their bottom lips 
>up. Awww! We only saw one IV in a horse. My kids really thought it was 
>something to see. We were at the fairgrounds from 2 PM Saturday until 
>midnight and they never complained. It was very exciting and overwhelming. 
>I am glad I made the trip. I know I am not ready for the travel, the 
>training and the mental focus of such a ride. Ahh, but I can dream and I 
>will be there sooner, than later. Lisa Salas, The Odd Farm
>we b odd.
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>   From: Howard Bramhall
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>   Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2001 1:11 PM
>   Subject: Re: Tevis trip
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>     From: jsalas
>     Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2001 12:38 PM
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>     Subject: RC: Tevis trip
>     It took 5 and 1/2 days to reach Truckee from Tampa, Florida. One lost 
>then retrieved luggage box, one flat tire, one lost cell phone, getting 
>lost looking for a park to ride bikes in and getting blocked in Reno, due 
>to an accident. But we made it. What a ride!
>     Geez, Lisa, you'd better tell us more about it than that.
>     cya,
>     Howard

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