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Fwd: RC: A Sad State of Affairs

Hi Linda: I agree Riders should have their equipment, especially Saddles 
marked with some identification marks when going to a ride as large as the 
Tevis. Many many years ago Sally Dargie lost her saddle blanket she was 
using when she went to have her horse Vet checked at one of the hour holds 
at the Tevis. She had to borrow a blanket before she could go on and finish 
her ride. Since so many items were stolen this year, could be professional 
Thieves and these stolen items may turn up in garage sales or pawn shops. 
Not much chance for recovery unless well marked. It is a Sad State of 
Affairs. Bye Hope

>From: Linda Romander <>
>To: Joan Dowis <>
>CC: ridecamp <>
>Subject: RC:   A Sad State of Affairs
>Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 15:03:40 -0700
>Add one brand new (although not expensive) rubber feed tub that disappeared 
>our well-defined crewing area at Robinson Flat while we were at the 
>waiting for our rider.
>Forewarned is forearmed.  I'm not going to leave anything in ridecamp 
>again.  Highly visible and permanent IDs of some sort should strongly 
>a would-be thief.
>Ride management can't help--how are they to know who belongs to what?

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