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Fwd: Re: A Sad State of Affairs--On the other Hand

Oops, sent it to the wrong address :-)


--- Jim Beidle <> wrote:
> Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 16:41:04 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Jim Beidle <>
> Subject: Re: A Sad State of Affairs--On the other
> Hand
> To:
> I'm still catching up on ride camp from going to the
> Santiam Pass ride in Oregon. I'm not surprised that
> things have turned up "missing" from a popular ride
> like Tevis, given my Law Enforcement background in a
> "prior life". An opportunistic element always seems
> to
> be atracted to big events, and Tevis has gained some
> ground in the media in the past years--heck, I heard
> about it long before I knew about endurance riding.
> On the other hand, I have generally found that the
> people involved in endurance are among the most
> generous and caring folks I know. This weekend Blue
> and I completed our third Limited Distance ride of
> 30
> miles at Santiam. Blue, an Appaloosa mare belonging
> to
> Sue Brown came, through in good condition. I, on the
> other hand suffered a fairly severe bout of heat
> exhaustion compunded by heat cramps in both
> hamstrings.
> When I dismounted at the finish line, I cheerfully
> hopped down from Blue, planning on a quick vet
> through
> and turn around for Sue Brown and Aarene Storms, who
> were riding in the 50 miler. Didn't happen. As soon
> as
> my feet touch the ground both hamstrings convulsed,
> leaving me looking a little like a dead spider in
> the
> middle of the road. Those fine endurance folks
> sprang
> into action!
> I apologize that I can't thank everyone by name,
> since
> I wasn't lucid enough to ask; but here's what
> happened.
> One of the young ladies at the finish line
> volunteered
> to vet blue through. I handed her the reins, and
> after
> a few minutes got to my feet and hobbled after.
> Another of the girls kindly followed me to make sure
> I
> wouldn't collapse again. The first girl explained
> the
> situation to Mary Nunn, the Ride Manager, and took
> Blue in hand. Between us and a couple of others, we
> got Blue cooled and pulsed in. I never saw the trot
> out--I collapsed against a tree. Jerry Puljew, a
> large
> fellow named Dan, and several others provided me
> with
> water, Gatorade, V-8, and other recovery aids that
> pulled me through as I sat against the tree,
> hand-feeding Blue soaked hay. Dan offered to put
> Blue
> in his paddock while I recovered. Jerry, Mary and a
> couple of others continued to check up on me as I
> re-hydrated and recovered. In all, 8 or 10 people
> helped me out, and I'm grateful to each of them. I
> believe that if this had been an arena event, I
> would
> have been more or less on my own.
> These folks worked as hard for me as they would have
> for any of their own riders, let alone one of the
> "names" of the sport. Thanks y'all, I appreciate
> you.
> So, yeah, the bigger events may attract thieves and
> opportunists; that's the nature of those things.
> Those
> people aren't necessarily part of our community,
> either. Don't forget that for every selfish
> opportunist, there are a hundred folks that are more
> than willing to go out of their way to help you. And
> not just in an emergency, but even just sharing the
> best information they have available about what's up
> with your horse, tack, truck, whatever...
> You guys are good!
> Thanks,
> Jim Beidle
> AERC #M30093
> Just a few limited distance miles :-)
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Jim Beidle

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