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Re: RC: Regumate & Stallions & Gelding

Hi Bart
I have gelded 2 stallions that were 9 and 10. Neither of them changed
much physically at that age, although I have noticed less of a cresty
neck and more refinement when I have gelded at 2. The attitude towards
other stallions definitely changed, in varying degrees according to the
age gelded and the personality of the stallion. 
So far as the 9 and 10 year old, I put them next to each other after
about a month after gelding (same time frame) to get them used to each
other and then after about three months they were bellowing less at each
other and I put them into a large pasture together with bred mares and a
gelding. At first they bellowed and then a half-baked stallion bite on
the neck, up on their hind legs spinning in a circle--- very
impressive--- for about 15 seconds before they decided the mares weren't
really that pretty and why were they doing this?  Sooo. they broke it
off--- one stallion "taking" his herd of mares, who humored him for
about 5 minutes before giving him a gentle kick that they were not
interested--- and the other stallion "taking" his prize-- the gelding---
who again drew some ground rules for him. After that day, both stallions
decided they were happier hanging out with each other.
They say that it takes one month for each year of age at gelding for
stallions to really settle down; for me, one of the signs has been
easter egg multiple poop piles instead of one neat little stallion stack
(although some ridecampers have not had this experience) so it is
individual. Both Borax and Cadence became WONDERFUL trail horses--- no
problems at all with other horses. Neither of them had ever been in with
other horses before I purchased them just prior to gelding.
My stallions are in with each other without mares in the area so they
have all learned to socialize. It depends on whether your guy was raised
this way, with other stallions or geldings--- and then there is the
individual personality types--- more or less testosterone.
Soooo.... the answer to your question is that there is none---- very
individualized and the quicker you can get your stallion gelded and next
to other horses with the goal of IN with other horses, the better.
PS I POLICE my stallion when I first put him in with others--- yelling
at him when he gets studdy and threatening to take him out of there.
Since they generally like company, it seems to work with my guys
(although it took three chances with Solstar until he "earned" the right
to try it again--- he is now a VERY good boy as he realizes he gets
solitary confinement if he is not).
Good luck,
Bette wrote:
> Bart
> I have a stallion that is very territorial to other horses. A vet
> mentioned regumate, or at least I think that was the name. I was not able
> to discuss it in more detail due to the circumstances at the time.
> Has anyone had any experience with this product on stallions, or do I have
> the wrong product?
> What happens with gelding a 9 year old stallion? Will his physical
> appearance, muscleeing, endurence, attitude change?
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Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov	
(Yes, really 16.2!)

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