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RE: Stallions & Gelding

I have a 9 yr old gelding that was done at two and an almost 4 yr old that
was done 6 months ago. The 9 yr old is my 14 h pony brain who thinks he owns
the stable and tends to be extremely bossy and a bit territorial with ANY
male, gelded or ungelded that comes into HIS stable. He even bosses around
the 17 h French Trotter gelding. He also cannot be left in a paddock with my
chestnut mare when she's in heat or we have a XXX rated paddock and a very
tired but happy gelding. The 4 yr old on the other hand is fine with
everyone and always has been. Go figure. Just very different personalities
and upbringings. The 4 yr old was left in paddocks with old mares who taught
him proper manners and the other I believe was never really

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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