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XP Ride - I am disgusted

No ma'am.  The "totally inaccurate" "mania" "negligent" "hysteria,
hearsay and rumor" on Ridecamp was not too far off.  But then, perhaps
your opinion is biased because you are friends with one or more of
those involved???   However, your assurance to us that the matter was
"under investigation" *was* inaccurate.  After speaking to the
President of AERC, I found out that it was not the case.

Linda Hedgpeth

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From: <>

Then you should file a protest and not start yet another thread on
where most of the opinions will be based on hysteria, hearsay and
rumor.  If
you saw it, put your money where your mouth is and file a protest.  I
sorry this sounds harsh and I don't mean to critisize you but Ridecamp
"mania" re the NASTR dead horse is just starting to die down.

I know a very, very little about the situation you are talking about
but I
did know a lot of the facts about the NASTR horse and most of the
posts were, as usual, totally inaccurate.

Opinion is one thing, but posting, when you have no idea of what you
talking about, is negligent, at this I mean the NASTR
posts and
not your recent post.  Apparently, you were there and saw what you saw
you, or someone else that was there, are the only ones who can do
about it.


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