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RE: Barefoot/Strasser/fads...

At 09:10 AM 6/29/01, Bob Morris wrote:
>  if you study their history you find that the movement was over a great 
> distance but the movement was like slow molasses. An oozing across the 
> country side, taking years....

Now *that* is a great foundation for endurance riding!

>  We cannot be absolutely sure but there was most likely some form of 
> protection used as well as a great selection of mounts to be used.

I'm curious as to if they only achieved about 10 miles per day or so, and 
were doing it slowly, why they would need any hoof protection at all.  I 
realize today's Mongol horses don't do the mileage their ancestors did, but 
does anyone know if modern Mongol horses have tough feet?

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