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RE: Barefoot/Strasser/fads...

<<<< Did the Mongols shoe or protect their horse's feet on those long

We must be very careful when we compare the distances. What were the long
marches of the Mongols? How long did it take them? Well if you study their
history you find that the movement was over a great distance but the
movement was like slow molasses. An oozing across the country side, taking
years and assimilating the local populace in the process. They did not over
run Eastern Europe in a year or so. It took time and their rate of travel
and accompanying distances were according.

In the study of Cartography we find that the location, and therefore the
distances, between places was rather indistinct. What was considered a great
distance taking several days of travel now ends up being considered as short
ride. Time was not as important in ancient times so very often we get a
distorted aspect of journeys. A weeks travel to us is a fair distance. A
weeks travel to the Mongols might amount to only tens of miles rather than

Consider the current adventure of our compatriots doing the Pony Express
ride. Fifty miles a day is not easy on them or their horses and they have
support the "Ancients" did not have. They do not have to forage for their
food, protect themselves from harm or search out a way. Yes, put it all in
the proper context and you will come to realize that ten miles a day, away
back then, was a great distance. I know there were individual exceptions but
they were just that exceptional exceptions.

So Lif, to answer your question. We cannot be absolutely sure but there was
most likely some form of protection used as well as a great selection of
mounts to be used. The rate of progress was not great and the urgency we now
experience was lacking. Thus it is hard to compare then and now. All
parameters, with the exception of the participants (horse and human), have


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Heidi wrote:
>horses with Strasser trims were removed from competition, not from stone
>bruises, but from suspensory damage.  Apparently the heel wear with a lot
>of miles and concussion causes far too many barefoot horses to end up with
>the equivalent of long-toe-low-heel, even though the toes do not appear to
>be long.

I'm wondering if this has to do with rider balance or something else like
that.  Did the Mongols shoe or protect their horse's feet on those long

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