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Re: homemade fly spray


Hi Terry & List -
I got a bunch of recipies this year and sifted through a few of them.  I made up two and tried them out. I have the recipies out at the barn, but I do remember the ingredients consisted of water, Pine-Sol, cheap hair conditioner, citronella, eucalyptus oil (I used the Vicks liquid that goes in vaporizers), white vinegar, Skin-So-Soft, and a couple other things, if I remember correctly. These are between both recipies.
I'm just waiting on my laundry to finish before I head to the barn, so I'll bring back the recipies. At first, the Pine-Sol sounded too harsh, but I got pretty good results with it. I don't really use it much, tho. The hair conditioner one turned out a bit too greasy, but I think it's because I doubled the recipie and something happened(!).
Oh well, at least they're soft and cuddly...
I started them on garlic this spring. I try to give them a good soap bath before I go on a long ride, and then spray 'em down, and put on their fly collar. But, time constraints and all, the pre-ride bath doesn't always happen.
How is everybody doing with feeding garlic? My kids are very comfy this year fly -wise, but I can't tell if it's the garlic, the fly spray, or the collars!
I'll get those recipies.
Hope this helps -
Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit Bobby & Dani
p.s. I'm on vacation and "Back in The Saddle Again...". Y'all feel free to hum along
Terry wrote -
a recipe for fly spray...
It contained dawn dish soap, white vinegar and water I
believe..does this sound familiar to anyone?I do remember it worked!!! I don't even know if that is all the ingredients.
Thanks and my horses thank you..the flies in the midwest are
horrendous right now....>>>
If anyone does have this, please respond to the list, or send to me as well. I have discovered I have an allergy to fly spray ...I can't use it at all any more, but I break out even if someone else uses it and I touch their horse or get some overspray on me.
Terry B.


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