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homemade fly spray

<<<Jan Mills Kennedy
Last year a friend of mine gave me a recipe for fly spray she found in
Horse and Rider.It contained dawn dish soap, white vinegar and water I
believe..does this sound familiar to anyone?Does anyone know the
proportions as I can't remember and as usual can't find where I wrote it
down..I do remember it worked!!!I don't even know if that is all the
ingredients..Thanks and my horses thank you..the flies in the midwest are
horrendous right now....>>>
If anyone does have this, please respond to the list, or send to me as well. I have discovered I have an allergy to fly spray and am just about sick to DEATH of itchy fingers and forearms. I can't use it at all any more, but I break out even if someone else uses it and I touch their horse or get some overspray on me.
Terry B.

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