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XP - here goes

Hi group - John and I are off today to join up with the XP for the last 4 weeks. (plus our crew - Michelle -my horse crazy 20 yr old niece, Destry -15 yr old son, Jack and Henry - Destry's friends 16 and 17. You can tell the boys apart because they dyed their hair green, red & blue respectively. ) Four horses - Bunchuk, 18 yr old Orlov Trotter, Sukaro HCC ("Squeak") tougher than snot 15 yr old Arab, Great Santini, 13 yr old Arab (aka "The Maniac"), and Rhett - 9 yr old, almost normal, Arab. We'll see how it goes... hope to ride most of it, but it's been one of those years regarding horses and soundness.
Ridecamp  - please please please stick to Endurance Topics and try to be civil for a while. There's been a LOT of snitty stuff lately, some of you are spending way too much e-space discussing personalies. Get over it, get on with it. btw I've asked Ti to moderate while I'm gone :)
I'll try to send email when possible.

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