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Re: RC: Definition of a Black Hole

At 02:35 PM 6/29/01, Bonnie  wrote:
>I experienced a panic attack when I faced the Black Hole <snip> I finally 
>realized I had to trust my horse and proceeded

Paul and I had heard so many stories about the Black Holes that we decided 
to do a good amount of night riding through there.  We were told that some 
riders would knock a flashlight out of your hands if you rode with one (and 
I *did* experience a threat the first time I did Tevis because I didn't 
believe the person who told me about the flashlights!).  We were warned 
about the mosquitoes, but no mention of the bears.  Just as well.

First we rode through the Holes during the day quite a few times (we used 
to go up to the trail a month or so before the ride, depending on snow 
conditions, to train).  Then we rode them at dusk when we could still sort 
of see a bit.  When we figured the horses knew it all by heart, we took 
them through in pitch blackness.  Didn't matter - in pitch dark the horses 
remembered everything and we still were lost.  Still lost balance, still 
got branches in the face, still awful!

Simple solution:  Put some glow sticks on your horse's chest strap.  3 or 4 
of them produce enough light for human eyes, and not too much to interfere 
with horse eyes or those of other riders.

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