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Re: RC: Definition of a Black Hole

I remember the Black Hole well. I do not have good night vision as it is, but
I experienced a panic attack when I faced the Black Hole. It is near the end
of the Tevis trail and I was at the head of a long line of horses. I
absolutely could not go forward... it was like dropping off the end of the
earth to me or walking into a black wall. People were getting angry and
someone behind me said he was going to whip my horse from behind unless I
went forward. I finally realized I had to trust my horse and proceeded, but
really thought I was going to die.

A year or two before this, a friend of mine had his horse fall in the Black
Hole and get stuck, upside down, in the rocks. It held up the whole line of
riders behind for a very long time because no one could go through until the
horse was rescued.

So. Calif.

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