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Fwd: RC: Grass on Tevis Trail-Not

Silvia: You didn't read my message. I never mentioned the mandatory stops 
where oodles of food is available. I was talking about the trail in between 
these stops. Bye Hope

>Subject: RC:   Grass on Tevis Trail-Not
>Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 23:51:41 EDT
>In a message dated 6/27/01 8:25:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > To Jsalas: If you plan on riding the Tevis next year don't count on 
> > along the trail to graze your horse. Some Riders do carry small amount 
> > tidbits such as carrots, pellets or grain etc. Bye Hope
> >
>I may have missed part of this discussion, but there are plenty of stops
>along the Tevis trail to allow your horse to eat.  Granted not alot of
>munchies just growing wild beside the trail, but ALL of the vet checks
>provide plenty of hay/carrots/bran mashes along the way.  Someone mentioned
>there only being 3.  That is incorrect.  I won't bother to count them up 
>but there are multiple places along the way where feed is supplied by the
>ride.  It really is an incredibly well run and well organized ride.  The 
>secret is to TAKE THE TIME along the way to let your horse eat!.  The Tevis
>volunteers are absolutely the best and I'm sure hoping they have those PB&J
>sandwiches for the riders at Franciscos this year <g>.

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